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We need to better understand mobile telephone handset design trends.
Greenwood Research can connect you with a range of experts, including Integration Experts, an innovative Handset Design Engineer at an industry leader, Product Managers, and others. Speak with the Supply Chain Manager at a leading global vendor of telephone modules to examine the process of manufacturing and purchasing handset components and raw materials. A Product Manager at another handset company can explain concepts regarding new handset technology and market trends.
What are the latest trends in LCD backlighting?
Greenwood Research can connect you with Marketers, Design Consultants and Independent Consultants from across the globe.
I would like to speak to experts who can give me a market overview and competitive landscape on the latest trends in GPS technology.
Greenwood Research can connect you with Marketers, Design Consultants, and Independent Consultants from across the globe. The Director of Sales and Marketing at a supplier of semiconductors for GPS devices could talk to you about major storage lines and trends in the supplier market. The Distribution Manager at a company that manufactures GPS devices for agriculture, military, mining, and other commercial applications could speak about the market outlook and new applications for the technology, as could the Director of Business Development at a semiconductor company's top Asian distributor. Confer with the Vice President of a national surveying and mining company to learn more about the GPS industry from a customer's perspective.
I would like to speak to media buyers, from public and private agencies, who buy for their advertising clients across the spectrum of media.
Greenwood Research can connect you with a Print and Digital Media Buyer who can provide you with insights on current trends in advertisement negotiation, search engine optimization, and researching campaign results. You can also consult with a Senior Cable Media Buyer to discuss the process of purchasing and planning television ads on national cable television. This buyer's work with national reps and research into innovative avenues of television advertising will help you better understand the process of buying and selling national media.
We need to speak with a European mobile internet expert.
Greenwood Resesearch can facilitate calls and meetings with leading independent experts in this market.
We need a Flash memory/SSD expert for our conference being held in five days in Boston.
Greenwood Research has the capability to quickly rally to meet your specific needs. The Executive Vice President of a global technology sales distributor has expert knowledge of all the major players in the flash memory market and can speak about the channel, as well as industry trends. A leading nanotechnology and electronics Scientist at a top research university can provide insights into the history and future of memory technology, and a Principal Engineer at a semiconductor supplier has expertise in SSD research and its applications.
I would like to speak with buyers of Data Center Space to learn about supply and demand trends, and the impact of a potential recession on buying behavior.
Greenwood Research can perform a survey of national Data Center Customers from grocery stores, banks, telecommunications companies, e-Commerce companies, and other industries. A survey or a private consultation can give you increased visibility into the spending trends of enterprise customers within the market, including outsourcing and collocation. You can also enter into discussion with a Data Center Operations Manager for a multinational consumer packaged good company to learn about the industry from an IT perspective, including the design, development, and management of data centers in the current market.
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