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We want to understand the impact of high gasoline prices on point of purchase consumer staples.
Greenwood Research can connect you with Store Owners, Buyers, Merchandisers, and others who can provide first hand perspectives. A Supply Chain Consultant at an independent consulting firm can give you a deeper understanding of the complex interactions between oil prices and consumer staple manufacturers. And consult with a District Manager of a major grocery store to discuss product lines, performance in the market, the competitive landscape that exists, and the effects that the oil market and consumer spending are having on demand.
We need to better understand trends in the ATV market.
We can arrange consultations with representative ATV Dealers from across the U.S. to give you a view of the market from a vendor's perspective and make better investment decisions. Connect with a Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager of a major ATV manufacturer to get to know the purchasing patterns for different product lines. Gain knowledge of emerging ATV technology, including safety and emissions trends, by consulting with a Senior Project Engineer.
We would like to learn more about children's footwear manufacturers.
Greenwood Research can connect you with experienced professionals who have been working in children's apparel for many years. These include Regional Managers, District Managers, and Experienced Salespeople. Regional Merchandise Buyers at a major department store will be able to discuss brand performance, pricing, or the retailer's unduplicated reach of a product. Speak to a footwear manufacturer's VP of Sales and Marketing to get a better understanding of its sales distribution across all consumer segments, trends in the industry, and the market outlook.
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